End of the Spring term – Easter 2021

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End of the Spring term – Easter 2021

End of the Spring term

I hope you and your family are well.

This has been a term that has had it all. A full lockdown, remote learning, cancelled exams, mass testing and a full return to the classroom.  As a school, just like everyone in the community, we’ve had to adapt and adjust to the different challenges that have come our way.

As you know I make no secret of the fact that I’ve been incredibly proud of the school all the way through the pandemic, and especially this last term.  I have been awed by the flexibility and dedication of my colleagues, humbled by the support of parents and carers, and inspired by the resilience, attitude and can-do approach of our students.  We may not be out of the woods yet and I am sure there are challenges to come, but one thing we can rely on is that we’ll get through it together.

We’ve only had 18 days back in the new-normal routines, and already students and staff are setting into familiar routines.  I would like to remind you that the school uniform is black top & black trousers or skirt, and as the weather improves black shorts if desired. I make no apology for having high standards and have every faith that students will rise to meet them.

As a group of students and staff we now have a crucial job to do to ensure students get the grades they are capable of, and we are approaching the task with a considered determination that I am sure will pay dividends.  Students – do some revision/work over the break and come back on Monday 19th April ready to show evidence of what you can do.

Huge thanks for your ongoing support,

Happy Easter & stay safe,



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