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GCSE center assessed grades

UPDATE: 12th August -

Huge well done to all our students on their amazing GCSE results - we are all very proud of your HAPs spirit and success


School will be open from 1030 to 1130 on Thursday 12th August for Year 11 students to collect their GCSE results.

The way that this years students gain their GCSE grades will be different.  We have produced a guide for what to expect.  Please follow this link on how GCSE grades will be assessed during April and May 2021.  A letter has been sent to all year 11 students about results day, and can be accessed here.

A guide to exam results and the appeals process can be found here.


Ofqual’s student guide to awarding: summer 2021

Ofqual have now published their new student guide to awarding: summer 2021. This guide offers support for students taking GCSE qualifications this year. It is written for students. It also contains important advice on where students and their families can go for more information and support.


Year 11 Key dates:

  • From May to June – teachers will continue to teach students and create assessment opportunities that will contribute to the final Teacher Assessed Grades. Students will be informed of their individual scores following each assessment.
  • 7 June – attendance at school is no longer required although students must be available up until 18th June in case further evidence is required.
  • 7 June – 18 June – internal moderation, quality assurance and submission of Teacher Assessed Grades to the exam boards.
  • 18 June – absolute deadline for submitting Teacher Assessed Grades to the exam boards.
  • June and July – Exam boards will conduct external quality assurance by checking evidence for a sample of schools and subjects and follow up on any concerns.
  • 12 August – GCSE results day which we are planning to hold in the same way as we would do in a ‘normal’ year.  Details of the day are here.

After results are released – appeals opportunity for students if they believe their grade is wrong and can evidence appropriately (Click here for our document outlining this process).

The Year 11 cohort worked very well and shown maturity and focus throughout a period of educational disruption. This is to their credit and accordingly it is our responsibility to ensure that the final process rewards them appropriately for what they have achieved.


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