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Harpurhey Alternative
Provision School

We teach students skills they need to transform themselves, others, and their communities.

Re-engagement and Success Begins With Us

At HAPS we offer a safe & supportive environment for young people to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and resilient individual and aim at delivering an education that is relative and supportive for their future.

We are an Alternative Provision School focused on safeguarding, social-emotional development and Core literacy and numeracy. Our young people leave with confidence progress and real-world skills ready for their next steps.

HAPS believes that school should be a place in which all students feel safe, valued and listened to. Staff at school take a considered and sensitive approach to supporting all our students and families. Our priority is to provide a safe environment for young people which enables them to learn and develop to their fullest potential. Everyone working at HAPS understands their responsibilities, roles and duties in providing effective safeguarding and protection of every young person in our care. Harpurhey Alternative Provision School believes in early identification of young people who are suffering or likely to suffer harm, taking appropriate action, and working closely with outside agencies to ensure the best for all our young people.

Welcome to HAPS. We hope that our website shows you what we stand for as a school, our achievements, and our commitment to the young people, families schools & communities we serve.

We are fiercely proud of our young people. We expect a lot of them both inside and outside the classroom, and are confident that they will rise to the challenges that we set. We expect every HAPS young person to enjoy education, be successful academically and become self-disciplined, resilient and outward looking.  Our culture is celebratory and aspirational. Our school ethos is based around the four qualities that we hold most dear: 

Hardwork: Aspire: Progress: Success

Michael Hill — Headteacher

Exam Support 2023

Results day this year is on Thursday 24th August.

Our students are picking up results from two commissioning schools as follows:

CANM 1000am to 1200am
CANM 1130am

There will be HAPS staff at each school at the gate to offer support to our students. As always, if you need anything at all please text or call ‭07432 506703‬.

Good luck everyone X

Click on the image above to download a support brochure
Curriculum Overview

HAPS gives all our young people a balanced curriculum that provides core subjects alongside stimulating activities to prepare them for the best safe, social and cultural life.

HAPS Curriculum Intent 

Many of our students join us having become disengaged from learning and not seeing the value of education; they often have gaps in their knowledge and understanding because they have experienced disruption to their mainstream schooling.  Students have a core curriculum to meet the academic expectations of secondary school education centred around Maths, English and Science but with opportunities to personalise their curriculum breadth and build on personal interests or explore new fields, through various units. We strive to meet individual needs whilst providing a suite of core subject areas that gives students the tools to carry on their educational journey beyond HAPS. 

Some academic data for each student is usually provided by their mainstream schools at the point of referral, but we also complete a series of baseline assessments with each student as part of their integration process. These assessments are analysed and differentiated approaches are utilised from this data to improve academic attainment. We execute this by balancing the strategies of filling knowledge gaps from missed any learning and by stretching students with new skills, breeding confidence and achievement. 

The majority of our work around the curriculum is pastoral. Students who are referred to us are likely to have had poor experiences within the educational system previously, along with other difficulties perhaps at home or in the community. We also accept referrals and support students who have either Social, Emotional or Mental Health (SEMH) issues. With strategies that focus on promoting positive relationships and wellbeing, more supportive class sizes and a curriculum that is centred on Personal Development, we strive to ensure that students reflect on their behaviours, become more aware of the world around them, build their resilience and heighten their emotional literacy. Academic progress and achievement varies from student to student, however we share the same goal in terms of them personally; we want our students to leave us as well-rounded individuals, with a respect for themselves, each other and are equipped for further education or employment. 

Some students may require more personalised support at times, this may be in academia, pastoral or literacy. We have various strategies to support students dependent on their need. Focussed academic interventions per subject allow for addressing issues with attainment. We have a literacy programme to address lower than average reading ages and spelling ages, which are measured each term. In some cases we can offer flexible timetables, that don’t offer the entitled hours of education, but will constantly be reviewed with the aim of returning to full-time education. 

We want our students to feel comfortable, to work with them and their families in responding to any personal challenges and support as much as we can on all fronts; we tailor the curriculum around this whilst keeping the ethos of the school central. We will all show hard-work in our approach, doing our best by each other. We aspire to be better personally and academically to positively impact our future. We strive for progress across the curriculum and in our skillset and we understand that progress, for all is individual. 

Latest News

End of Summer term letter ’23

Summer Break ’23

School closes for the summer break at 1200 midday on Wednesday 19th July

STUDENT REVIEW WEEK – 3rd to 6th July

The week beginning Monday 3rd July is our Student Review Week. This means students will have been given an appointment time to come into school to meet with their home school & HAPS staff to discuss their progress. Annual school reports will also be issued this week. If you haven’t had an appointment time letter sent to you and a reminder text message, please contact us and we can make sure you are able to share in your Childs success at school.

A record 86% Parent/Carer Participation

Collaborative working at its very best


Enrichment Week – 10th to 14th July 2023

We will be running a range of activities and trips during our enrichment week. Fingers crossed for the good weather so we can go to the seaside on one day.

These activities have been selected to give our young people experiences that are different and alternative to those which they normally experience.

Humbled & Without words

Our year 11 students completing their GCSE exams – phenomenal

WALK TALL HAPS Y11Raise your heads up very high, you have done more than most and been an absolute credit to HAPS -we are all proud beyond words in what you have achieved.

Without words – It has been an amazing and emotional journey that has been an absolute privilege for everyone fortunate to have been involved. All our student that have engaged with HAPS have 100% participation in their GCSE examinations.

Overcoming barriers and hurdles that are beyond comprehension.

Your integrity and honesty have shone through.

Go well, be very proud, your future starts now!