Headteachers Notice

Welcome to our school, we hope are able to gain a good understanding of our core aims and values. Our overall aim is to become a first-rate Alternative Provision school committed to our community in which all learners are able to reach their potential personally, socially and academically. 

Our commitment to collaborative learning can be summed up by Hardwork – Aspire – Progress – Success.

HAPs is a thriving and successful alternative provision school providing a caring, nurturing environment for all of our learners. I know that I speak for the Trustees, Staff and students when I say that we are proud of the achievements of our school and that we welcome the opportunity to work with and learn from all of those who share our commitment to success. Our school’s focus on learning and re-engagement with learning is the driving force behind all that we do. Students experience a diverse and flexible offer, inside and outside the school, providing opportunities for them to continue to grow as members of our school and our wider communities.

We make no apologies for having high expectations and demanding high standards of both students and staff, knowing that this will enable all our learners to succeed and benefit from the many opportunities we offer. We aim to ensure that each student feels happy and challenged and engender a genuine appreciation of traditional standards of courtesy, respect for one another and our different beliefs, and the ambition to do well by working hard.

Michael Hill


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The Secretary of State for Education and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care have written a joint letter to parents about the vaccination of children aged 12 to 15 and the importance of continuing with twice-weekly COVID-19 testing and reporting.  

At HAPS we are proud to say that all our students have been testing twice a week at school – keeping our community safe – We are very proud of our young people.



The details for the start of term have been sent in a letter to all students.  The letter can be accessed here.