Curriculum Overview

Department: English

Department Lead: A. Randall

Qualification: AQA English Language & AQA English Literature

Curriculum Statement:

To ensure all students expand further their knowledge and understanding of reading and writing, spoken language and vocabulary development to the highest possible quality; equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word. This will then maximise potential at GCSE as well as developing skills of language which are essential to participating fully as a member of society.

Curriculum Aims:

Students will be able to…

  • read and appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage
  • understand and critically evaluate texts
  • make an informed personal response, recognising that other responses to a text are possible and evaluating these
  • write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for pleasure and information
  • make notes, draft and write, including using information provided by others
  • revise, edit and proof-read their writing
  • consolidate and build on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary from KS3, using it to show effectiveness in texts they read/write
  • speak confidently, audibly and effectively

Assessment Overview:

In Year 10-11, students will undertake two GCSEs in both English Language and Literature. In Language, students will sit two papers at the end of Year 11, ‘Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing’ and ‘Writer’s Viewpoints and Perspectives.’

In Literature, students will also sit two papers at the end of Year 11, ‘Modern Texts and Poetry’ and ‘Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel’. Students will also undertake summative assessments throughout Years 10 and 11.

Link to ‘Work Based Learning’:

Through the English curriculum, students will develop an understanding of how the skills they develop in lessons will relate to the wider world of work, such as clear and effective communication. They will also be introduced to careers with a link to English, such as journalism, scriptwriting and public speaking.